Barefoot by the Sea: Caterpillars, the gift that keeps on giving!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Caterpillars, the gift that keeps on giving!

This past June, we ordered some caterpillars so that we could watch them transform into butterflies during school vacation.  We received them the very last week of our school vacation and spent six weeks taking care of our little pets.  The girls absolutely loved watching them transform from caterpillar to chrysalides and finally into butterflies.  

The caterpillar stage was sort of creepy (in my opinion) but the girls named each of the five, talked to them daily and watched them as they turned into chrysalides...luckily, we didn't have company around while our pets were busy transforming!  Does the fact that this container resided in my living room for a week earn me the "mother of the year" award or what? 

At the end of this stage, we had to move them into their soon-to-be home.  A couple of days after their move, they hatched!  The girls were thrilled when their new pets were born and that each of the four chrysalides (one caterpillar didn't make it) turned into a beautiful painted lady butterfly!

Over the next seven days, the girls fed them, talked to them and observed them.  Riley kept a butterfly journal and Sydney drew lots of pictures of them.  They fed them all sorts of flowers from our garden, including Zinnias and Sunflowers, but found their favorite food were oranges. 
One sunny afternoon, the girls decided it was time to set them free (Riley was a little worried they might die in captivity.)  After their last chat they decided they would release them by our butterfly bush.  One at a time, they let each one fly away.  This little guy let them get even closer!

It was a wonderful Summer project and one that hopefully we'll do again next year!  To learn more about the Live Butterfly Garden check out the details here


  1. This sounds awesome! And something that I am sure Emma would enjoy. I might have to look into it next year.

  2. How cool...and fun....and quite a learning experience!!!! I think this project is in order at our house too....Layla would LOVE this!!!!

  3. This is so cute! What a wonderufl learning experience. I would have LOVED this as a kid...heck, I would still love it!

  4. I got those for my nieces one year and they were a big hit. What a cool, exciting project to do with your kids!


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