Barefoot by the Sea: Fall foliage

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall foliage

I'm loving our fall vines and plants this year.  We spent a lot of time outside this past weekend.  We had a gift of beautiful, warm sunshine which allowed us extra time outside.   Since the previous week had been so rainy, we hadn't realized how pretty our little plants looked.  I love the deep, rich colors of coleus and since they love shade, it's the perfect plant for our backyard.  And we almost forgot that we threw a handful of scarlet runner beans into the soil one early June day....look what we got!

Life is full of little suprises!


  1. LOVE scarlet runner beans! You can eat the young pods like green beans, or let them dry and use it as a dry bean :-) So pretty aren't they!

  2. So pretty. Unfortunately, once fall arrived I let all of my plants go and our landscaping is pretty brown right now. I will have to correct that for next year:)

  3. Beautiful! I can't wait to live somewhere where we can have a garden and things like that :)

  4. Beautiful! I wish we knew how to landscape better.


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