Barefoot by the Sea: October = Lots 'o rain AND 80 degrees?

Monday, October 10, 2011

October = Lots 'o rain AND 80 degrees?

Sometimes I love rainy days, just to help us slow down and be home all together. This past weekend, it was rainy, really rainy. The girls spread a out a blanket and enjoyed a movie together. It was such a welcome slow down. I got a chance to make homemade corn chowder and apple crisp.....more on that coming later this week!

As for today - it's a THREE DAY WEEKEND for us here and we are loving some extra family time.  We're also a wee bit confused with this weather - we've been in the 80's for the past two days and another warm day for us on the East Coast today.  I'm all for it - more days without turning the heat on, yippee!

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  1. The weather is crazy this fall! Not that I am complaining. It seems like just the right amount of cold and warm during the week :-) Although it is seriously messing with my cold weather meal plan. Who wants roasted root veggies when it is 80 degrees out?!

  2. I love rainy days :) We don't get many here in San Diego but this past week we have actually had a couple too!


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