Barefoot by the Sea: Our Halloween Festivities

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Halloween Festivities

By now you probably all have heard about that freak Halloween storm that plagued the Northeast by dropping more than a foot of snow in some places....or worse, you experienced it.  It definitely made for an interesting, cold and QUICK Halloween 2011!  Luckily, a weekend of festivities made up for it. 

Starting with carving....
The school's Harvest Festival and Halloween Parade...
An impromptu SNOWSTORM Halloween party...
And trick or the snow!
 I hope by now, all of you who lost power have it back!  Makes you wonder what would happen in a bigger emergency.  Scary thought!

Happy Monday!


  1. Friends of ours that live in western Mass just got power back yesterday...I have been reading about a lot more power outages and for longer periods of time recently. I guess I better stock up on candles, and perhaps find a flashlight...

  2. Wow! Cannot believe the snow! Wonder if y'all are gonna have a cold snowy winter? Sounds like you all have been having a lot of fun lately. And you know I saw on a blog recently a check list for emergency preparedness... And it looked really interesting. I'll see Iif I can find it for you.


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