Barefoot by the Sea: Bacon+Unicorns....Pure Holiday Magic

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bacon+Unicorns....Pure Holiday Magic

Recently, while shopping for my (ahem) geeky guy, I came across some very interesting and untraditional gifts from Think Geek.  Perfect for that hard to buy for person with a geeky streak, this shop is full of strange, fun and silly items.  Now, I may or may not have purchased the Han in Carbonite Ice Cube tray but I did notice one thing....there is quite the market for Bacon and Unicorn related items.... 
Nice and chewy....Gummy Bacon
Bathe in your Bacon Soap

Who needs snowmen and snowflakes when you can make a statement this holiday with a lovely Bacon Wrapping Paper
Unicorn Meat....Canned, of course
Really, what says Happy Holidays more than some tasty Unicorn Meat with a side of Baconnaise....yum!

Thank you Think Geek for the fabulous photos, products and fun!  Check out their entire collection here.  Remember, if bacon isn't your thing, you can always opt for Zombie Jerky...

Happy Tuesday...yes, I believe the holiday craze is setting in nicely!


  1. Their site is so fun!!! I love the gummy bacon you found :)

  2. I saw the gummy bacon...and was definitely grossed out. That catalog is a riot though, and Matt has been pouring over it as of late :-)

  3. Oh wow. Some of this stuff does sound really gross! lol. I like the bacon wrapping paper though.

  4. This is so funny! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I got the adorable nursery art the other day! It's so cute and perfect in our little b's room :)


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