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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Take the picture already!

It's pouring rain here in the Northeast and the cold is settling in, so I thought I'd share this picture from a sunnier day! Granted, I'm not used to 60 degree weather in Decemeber but I welcome it. 
I'd be a complete liar if I were to say that I have our holiday in the bag.  Shopping is half done, crafting is a quarter done, baking...haven't started!  In fact, we just finished our decorating the house yesterday.  Every year it's the same - I'll slow down, enjoy more, soak it all in...and then come the invitations, the time commitments, the all seems to suck more of my time than I'd like.  Yesterday we vowed to make some Christmas gifts but ran out of time and opted for baths instead.  And then there is the holiday photo for the Christmas card....yes, we still send cards and I'm lucky enough that Good Gravy! takes care of the design and makes them look amazing.  But, the "perfect pose" is just not reality in our family.  Last year, the girls were less than jolly by the end of the fabulous festive photo shoot - after a zillion pictures only a couple reflected them both smiling and none of them captured real smiles, just get this over with so I can go play forced grins.  This year, I decided to go with a candid shot....simply because I've run out of time.  The staged photo in front of our tree will have to wait till next year but I'm ok with it, as I need more time to wrap! 

Happy Thursday!  And, be sure to check out The Farm Chicks giveaway and enter to win!


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