Barefoot by the Sea: Visions of Sugarplums....

Friday, December 23, 2011

Visions of Sugarplums....

We're almost there....thisclose.  I'm sure all of you are busy the next couple of days with last minute prep, celebrations, cooking, baking and wrapping.  So to that I say, "Get off your computer!"  For those of you who are done and just sipping your egg nog....I'm very jealous and congratulations to you.  I swear, judging by the stores, you represent 7% of our population! 

I also wanted to take this time to thank all my friends for reading my little 'ol blog.  I've enjoyed it this year and for the next week or so, plan to take a little break from the daily posting.  But, I'll be back soon! 

Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy it, relax and have fun.  Take time to enjoy those special little moments, they pass us by too quickly.


  1. Merry Christmas Jessica! I hope you and fam have an awesome Holiday Week.... and enjoy today's snowfall :)

  2. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a lovely holiday with your family :)


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