Barefoot by the Sea: Inexpensive Date Night

Monday, January 16, 2012

Inexpensive Date Night

As many of you know, when you're a parent, your movie watching can easily go from the latest Oscar contenders to the latest animated picture (which yes, in some cases can be both but you get what I'm saying).  Over Christmas break, we went to see the new Muppet movie, which was actually pretty good and a movie worthy of spending the $50 it takes now for a family of four to hit the movies.  We were lucky enough to have a gift card but again, I really feel like it's a shame that the movies have gotten so expensive.  Every family should be able to enjoy the movies, but that's just my opinion.  Anyway, after that movie, we decided to start taking in a few movies we haven't had an opportunity to see.  We started with some documentaries which have been interesting, entertaining, silly and fun.  So, here goes.....

Superheros - Inside The World of Real Life Caped Crusaders:  Let me start by saying that this was not my pick.  Having said that, it was entertaining.  The documentary surrounds various men and women as they embark on their quest to be real life superheros.  The film explores what inspires these individuals to "fight crime", lend a hand to people in need and patrol the streets.  It was actually quite interesting and funny at times.  The end segment showcases these superheros helping out the homeless, some driven to simply help people.  There's no web flinging or attempts to fly, just a story of  people who want to help "the greater good".  Our take? My husband enjoyed it, I fell asleep but enjoyed the overall message of the film.

Smash His Camera:  This documentary follows Ron Galella, one of the first paparazzos.  Now 77, the film gives an overview of how he got started, his history and famous subjects.  His favorite, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, sued him twice in her life.  The documentary stirs an interesting debate regarding what makes a good photograph, privacy and personal rights.  It also is a fascinating look at Ron Galella who to this day, breaks all boundaries to grab a shot of a celebrity even though, in his eyes, there are no more real movies stars.  Our take? We both enjoyed this interesting look at celebrity and photography. 

Thespians:  Film tells the story of four theater troupes in Florida and their journey to attend the most competitive theatre competition in the world.  My take - fun movie capturing just how talented young people are and well, I love Glee....enough said.

We watched this last movie a couple of months ago but it's worth a look...
The King of Kong:  A Fistful of Quarters:  Classic arcade games, silly, retro, 80s - all the components of what I enjoy.  Oh and it's a story of an undog and his quest to become the best Donkey Kong player ever.  My take - if you take movies too seriously, this isn't for you but if you want to laugh, be entertained and wear your acid washed jeans to boot, this movie is for you. 

Clearly the focus on the above movies were entertaining and there are other documentaries worth of watching in my near future but these were fun so I'd recommend them! 

What are you watching lately?


  1. I can't seem to watch enjoyable documentaries...I always watch the crazy food ones that make me not want to eat anymore :-) We just watched Contagion last week, really good movie. Possibly a little too realistic, but still very good :-)

  2. Love this! We love documentaries. I always like when I feel like I learn something from what I watch :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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