Barefoot by the Sea: Tuesday Tips - Use those coupons!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tips - Use those coupons!

Let me start by saying I am by no means an "extreme couponer".  I've read articles, seen morning show segments and visited websites of those people who spend hours preparing their grocery lists and end up walking out with (for example) over $453 in groceries but only paying $14.  What I've noticed is that often times, these people purchase things that I might not ever use or need and in large quantities. 
I do, however, find a real value in using coupons.  On average, I save about $25 weekly on my grocery bill simply by preparing before I hit the grocery aisles, shopping smarter, reviewing the weekly sale flyers and having a meal plan.  I don't stockpile.  I don't buy items I don't need.  I simply try to get the most value for my money and try to feed my family a natural, healthy diet and purchase local whenever possible.

I figured I'd share some simple things that I do which have led me to some may already do these things, find that they won't work for you or don't have the time but what I've found is that if you take baby steps you will eventually find savings.  In this tight economy every little bit helps!

Grab your flyer!  I shop at one particular grocery store that tends to have better prices  however, we have three grocery stores locally. The local store flyers are delivered to us weekly in the mail so I pay attention to the sales.  If one particular store offers a sale on something that we always use (King Arthur Flour, organic milk, etc) I'll make an extra trip that week.  Oh and use your flyers - even if you don't "coupon" you can still plan a menu around the items that are on sale that week and save that way.  Our store had all natural boneless chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound a few weeks before the holidays so we had chicken enchiladas and chicken soup that week. 

Clip your coupons -   You can get the traditional Sunday paper, which offers (on average) 3 inserts weekly.  Our paper also offers a "Local" section which results in more coupons for local eateries and shops so be sure to check that out too.  You can also print your coupons online, here are some of the more popular:
Red Plum
Mambo Sprouts - Great for organic and healthy living products!
Coupon Kosher 

Visit the websites of your favorite brands for savings or email them directly.  This actually works and I've received some great coupons on my favorite brands like Olivia's Organics, Earthbound Farm and others.  Here are a few pages I visit often:
Chobani Yogurt
Organic Valley

Buy a magazine chalk full of couponsAll You is one that has tons of coupons but you'll also find great ones in Parents, Women's Day and some great organic ones in Kiwi

Let them do the work - Visit sites like I Love To GossipCoupon Mom, Organic Deals and Coupons and Jessica's Coupons to find great deals, high value coupons and savings opportunities.  Each has a facebook page as well so you can keep informed.

You can also buy coupons off Ebay or various couponing sites on the web if there is a particular brand you buy more often than others.  Just watch expiration dates and the fine print on these and don't pay too much because in the end, the goal is actually SAVING money!

Big Box and Walmart offer coupons on their websites that are printables.  You can stack those store coupons with a regular manufacturer's coupon for more savings.  Sam's Club, BJs and Costco are also clubs that require memberships but offer lower prices when buying in bulk so if you have a larger family, this may be for you!

Keep it local - Contact your local farmer to see what offers they have on seasonal produce, CSAs and more.  This can be economical, healthier AND tastier!

I know I've talked about this in the past but with a new year, many of us are setting a new budget and finanical goals.  You can utilize the resources above to help you out on your weekly shopping trip.  If you have a tip, please share it here - we can all help one another!

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Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Great ideas! I seem to always look for coupons, but never find the ones I need. I have had some luck with emailing companies and having them send me coupons. We have a membership to Sam's club, and find that we are able to get the stuff that we use the most (king arthur flour, organic lettuce/spinach, fruit) at a huge discount. So we make a trip once/month there. I have heard really good things about Costco as well, but we don't have one local to us. If you have room for a little extra, I definitely recommend buying in bulk :-)

  2. First can I say that I absolutely love the comment on your header? I also wondered if you or anyone else had tips for where to get organic coupons? I tried for awhile and gave up. I could never find any. Thanks!


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