Barefoot by the Sea: We've moved on from the drums....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We've moved on from the drums....

Last week I talked a bit about our lovely holiday and the gifts throughout our house.  Sydney certainly played with them but still continued to find creative ways to pass the time.

Sydney has discovered the wonder of painting this week and hasn't put her brush down.  Of course we've painted in the past but the easel has given her a new love of painting.  She attacks her paper with her "vision".  I can hardly keep up with her. 

"Mama, I would like more paint.....please!" 
"Mama, please look at the purple I made from the red and blue!"
"Mama, this is a beautiful hot air balloon!"

I can hardly stand it, it's wonderful to see her this enthusiastic about her artwork!

It almost makes the Jackson Pollock wall worth it.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. At least she isn't painting herself, which is what my children prefer...maybe emma seeing that i have a tattoo was a mistake :-)

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  3. Congrats on Being Star Blog!

    She look precious, so into her masterpiece! Love the easel ..


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  5. A little Picasa in the making! She's so cute :)


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