Barefoot by the Sea: Easy Felt Daisy Chain Crown

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy Felt Daisy Chain Crown

We're off to a great start to school vacation!  Yesterday, we settled down to make some daisy chain crowns and necklaces.  They are so easy, fun and cute!  Both Sydney and Riley enjoyed making these and they would be an appropriate craft for younger and older children. 

First, I made a three templates for tracing.  We needed a daisy shape, a circle (for the center) and a stem.  We traced a ton on felt (but fabric or even cardstock would work too for different types of flowers) and Riley and I got right down to cutting...
Then assembling the flowers.  Each girl could easily do this with tacky glue...
Next we figured how many we would need for a necklace for Riley and a crown for Sydney. 
Then, we glued each stem to a flower in a circular shape for the crown.  We used 6 daisies for Sydney's smaller head.  For the necklace, we used 4 and left longer strips of felt so that we could tie them behind her neck.  We used tacky glue but in the future I might opt for hot glue since these needed to dry for several hours before they were "fashion ready".  Still, they were a fun craft and prompted a couple hours of dress up when they were ready. 
Definetely a fun and easy craft!  I think next time we'll try some variations of the necklace.  Do you have any great crafts you're doing with your littles lately?  I'd love to hear!

Have a great Tuesday friends!

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  1. How precious, Jess!!! :) Great spring time craft! ox


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