Barefoot by the Sea: Seawicks Candle Company Feature

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seawicks Candle Company Feature

My friend Holly, who frequents an amazing Farmer's Market in Kennebunkport, Maine first alerted me to the wonders of this candle company.  "Have you heard of Seawicks?  They have the most amazing smelling candles."  Of course being a die hard Yankee Candle fan, I was skeptical so I checked out their website and immediately fell in love with their beautful candles.  The labels are just so pretty, simple and delicate looking.  Once I started reading the facts about this special company, I was sold.  Developed six years ago, Seawicks Candle is a company that respects the earth, their products and their customers:
  • These 100% soy candles are hand poured on the coast of Maine. 
  • Each scent has been selected to be reminisent of time spent with family and friends.  These scents are unique and special.  
  • With every candle purchased, they donate fifty cents to coastal conservation! 
  • Wicks are lead free and 100% high quality soy candles are dye free!
I love the thought of welcoming special guests with this beautiful candle:  Coming Home
     or spending a lazy Summer evening on the porch with this scent, Summer Cocktail:

Cottage Lilac, Salt Water Farm and  Sunday Morning are all part of their current line. You can check out all their TEN scents here. They are coming out with FOUR new scents this Spring!  And, they offer FREE shipping when you purchase four or more candles!
I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful Evening by the Fire candle.  The scent is like nothing I've experienced before - except being outside at the beach!  They describe this scent as being "Scent of smokey salt water air. Reminiscent of bonfires on the shore, beneath the stars."  I love the look of this on my windowsill.  Vintage inspired, whimsical and beautiful.

Be sure to check out Seawicks on Facebook!  They are giving away a beautiful candle each month for an ENTIRE YEAR once they hit 300 likes!  Head over there and be sure to mention Barefoot by the Sea sent you!  Sign up for their newsletter too to be in the know with the latest Seawicks news!

Be sure to check them out, you won't be disappointed! 

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  1. Hi Jessica, I carry these candles in my store - Ornament, in Bath (Maine), and I couldn't agree more with your thoughts. Love everything about the company, and the amazing scents!


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