Barefoot by the Sea: Snowday = Craftday

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snowday = Craftday

After months of grass here in New Hampshire, we are in the middle of a snowstorm!  I'm not thrilled with the idea, since it's felt more like April lately than February but the girls are thrilled to get outside in the snow today.  It will be a fun school vacation activity that we hadn't planned on.  Time to dust off the sleds and the (eek!) snow blower. 

After that, we're going to revisit some old crafts that we did last year.  It's the perfect "Welcome Spring" project and luckily, we have some leftover supplies to make a couple of packs in Spring colors.  I blogged about it last year when Sydney yearned for a pretty backpack of her own.  After checking out our options, I came across this adorable DIY petal backpack.  How could I resist?  I absolutely love the yellow backpack featured on UCreate from JCREW.
The tutorial was super easy and literally cost about $3 to make.  This time, we're going to use fabric scraps in a variety of coordinating colors with hopes that they will be less stiff than the ones we purchased and colored last year.   

We are using a couple simple backpacks from the Dollar Store and scraps.  Riley and I will cut each scrap into a petal shape and then, hot glue each petal on.  To finish, we will "fluff" them up a little. 
We will post pictures of the "new and improved version" next week!  

Happy March 1st! 


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