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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Crafty Snack

Seems like we are running around a lot this week.  Between volunteering at school, playdates, Spring cleaning, crafting, storytime, homework, cooking and everything in between, I'm always looking for a time saver.  Sydney was anxious to do a craft yesterday and honestly, I didn't have anything in mind.  She wasn't interested in the usual painting/coloring/clay/playdoh/collage crafts.  So, since I was in the middle of cooking up some banana bread, I grabbed a box of cereal and a string and told her she could make her own, one of a kind necklace.  The rest was history.

First she selected her colors.  We had Multi Grain Cheerios on hand so that offered a few different shades of brown and tan. 
Then, one at a time (with the occasional snack break) she assembled her necklace using her selected pieces.
 This was a great use of fine motor skills.
I know this idea isn't a new one, I've seen games like "donut on a string", fruit loop necklaces, which offer more color but also sugar and of course, the old school candy necklaces.  Sometimes I forget the most simple and entertaining craft ideas!  The Multi Grain cereal offered some pretty colors that lead to sort of a bohemian look.  Sydney was determined to do the entire necklace herself and also make one for her sister.  I think it's very important that crafts aren't so difficult that little ones get frustrated and don't complete them.  This is something easy enough that kids can do it with very little assistance and see their accomplishment quickly which only builds their self confidence.  In addition, it was a good craft to do while I worked in the kitchen. 
and a snack for later!
Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. So sweet! Your pictures are amazing. Thanks so much for visiting The NY Melrose Familly and leaving a sweet comment on my popcorn peeps ball. I have a link party going on right now and I'd love it if you stopped over and linked up at I'm following as well.

  2. This is a really cute idea! I always liked candy necklaces as a kid, I like that this is a healthy alternative. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am your newest follower!

  3. I did these with my pre-school class last year. They loved making something they could eventually eat! Cute blog =)


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