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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hug Your Kids

I saw this video on Friday over on Bakeaholic Mama.  The story of Natalie and Alice Fish, two beauties who have been diagnosed with SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) or the "Bubble Boy Disease".  You can read more about it here.

Their story is heartbreaking and inspiring.  I encourage you to watch and share this video.

Bakaholic Mama was contacted to take part in a recipe book to benefit the Fish Family.  She is giving away two cookbooks over on her blog on Friday, March 30th.  You can also follow the family's blog, Fishes for Marrow Wishes.  The cookbook, organized by Lemon Poppy Cake is available in PDF format or as a "real book".  You can order one and support this family by clicking here

We all need to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have healthy children.  Now, go love 'em up!

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