Barefoot by the Sea: In Like A Lion

Monday, March 5, 2012

In Like A Lion

March.  Ugh.  Is it really March?  We have been so lucky to have had a lovely mild and snow free Winter thus far.  I apologize in advance to the snow lovers out there but I have been quite happy with this easier than most Winter.  Then March came....March 1st exactly and we were dumped on....with 14 inches of fluffy, white snow.  I snowplowed, I shoveled, the girls sledded, they pulled one another around on little plastic saucers, they made snow angels and then I realized how I didn't mind that snow so much.  Watching them both make little angels in the snow was one of those moments.  You know, when you could literally just stop time.  I had one of those...
...right before I watched my driveway get plowed in for the tenth time!

(Still hoping it will be "out like a Lion" as well!)

Happy Monday my friends!  And, thoughts and prayers go out to all who have had difficult weather this past week. 


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