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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Seasonal Savings

Almost everything we need for our homes goes on sale during the year.  I'm working hard to make these purchases when they are on sale, instead of when I want to buy them.  Granted, I'm not in the mindset to purchase a Winter coat when it's 70 degrees outside but, it's when it will warrent the most savings.  Here is a general chart about what's on sale throughout the year and when.

January/February - brings white sales and President's Day sales
Clothing - men's shirts, party dresses, formal clothing
Linens - Towels and sheets
Appliances - clothes dryers, used cars, water heaters
Gift items - Christmas wrap, ornaments, etc, as well as toys and other gift items
Groceries - Meat (turkey, ham) and baking items.

March - brings the end of Winter sales and pre-spring sales
Clothing - Winter clothing, shoes and coats
Appliances - TVs, washing machines and housewares
Household - Ski Equipment
Groceries - Artichokes

April/May - brings Mother's Day sales, post Easter sales and Memorial Day sales
Clothing - dresses, coats
Linens - Towels
Appliances - Tvs, tires
Household - Paint, tools, gardening supplies, camping and boating equipment
Gifts - Gift items
Groceries - Dairy products, ham, eggs and chicken

June/July - brings Father's Day sales
Clothing - Summer clothing and school clothing
School supplies

August/September - Brings end of Summer sales, Labor Day sales
Clothing - Summer clothing, swimwear
Household - Garden supplies and tools, outdoor furniture, rugs and carpets, bicycles
Groceries - Fish

October -
Household - Summer sport equipment, cars from dealerships (stay close to the end of the month for the best savings)

Real Estate - homes tend to be cheaper this time of year because really, who wants to move around the holidays?
Electronics - think Black Friday
Groceries - spices

December - Not the best time to buy anything, try to wait until December 26th

I'm not saying that I am able to follow this chart but it is a general guideline to what to buy when.  It's really common sense.  Try to buy your wrapping paper in January if you can and store it - that way you'll be ready and will likely spend .99 a roll instead of 5.99 (or more!)

Do you have any items you buy during certain months over others? 

Have a great Thursday!


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