Barefoot by the Sea: Spring Planting!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Planting!

The beautiful and unseasonably warm weather has given us the opportunity to jumpstart our gardening this year.  As I've talked about before, we have a windowsill garden (of sorts) where we use our scallions, basil and rosemary.  We will be adding to that shortly, with the addition to parsely, oregano and cilantro.  In past years, I tried to grow a huge herb garden but over time, decided to plant what we would consume most.  Summer is full of cilantro and basil for us so we will plant a lot of that and a little less of our other favorite herbs.  We'll skip thyme this year - which I didn't use at all in year's past or very little.  I may add some dill into the mix as well, since we use it a lot in our potato salads.
This basil needs a bigger pot!  It's loving this sunny window.  I enjoyed some with tomatoes the other day - we are lucky to have Backyard Farms available here! 

I'm super excited to start planting peas this year!  We had them a couple of years ago from a potted plant that my Mom had bought for us and the girls absolutely loved them.  There is just something about snapping off a fresh pea that screams Summer!  So, we decided to try to grow our own, from seed.  How hard can it be?  After doing a little research and getting from helpful hints from the expert gardeners in our life (you know who you are), I feel confident to give it a try.  I'll be blogging about our progress over the next few weeks and months.  That is, if we don't get a freak April snowstorm.  Yes, it's going to 85 over the next two days but I'm not ruling it out.  We did get 6 inches of snow on Halloween this past year.  The weather has been crazy but if that includes this type of sunny day, I'll take it!

Oh and if anyone has any other suggestions for some EASY (emphasis on the EASY) Spring crops, I'd love to hear!

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Love that you have that fresh basil! I need to get my herb seeds started. Dill will be awesome, and whatever you don't use can easily be dried and put in a container for winter :-)


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