Barefoot by the Sea: Bunny Mask Craft

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bunny Mask Craft

Simple crafts are great for us these days.  Sydney loves to have a finished product to play with and this was one that kept her busy all afternoon.  

Here's what we needed - 
Construction paper or cardstock
pipe-cleaners/Popsicle sticks if your paper is flimsy like ours was
googly eyes
cotton balls
toothpicks (optional) or something else for whiskers

Cut out bunny head shapes in the color of your choice
our paper was flimsy, so we taped a couple bent pipe cleaners to the back for extra stability
Next (Sydney's favorite part) tear apart your cotton-balls to make your bunny's fur
 Once you have your fur, apply a thin layer of glue to the back of your bunny's head and apply your fur
until the bunny's head is completely covered
Next, glue your googly eyes on your bunny, along with it's nose, whiskers or any other facial characteristic you like
 Last, tape your straw or stick to the back to complete your Bunny Mask
Hop, dance and play!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. Just swinging by to return the love :)
    I too am from New England which is why most people have a confused look on their face when I say that I don't have a real Christmas What a cute blog! Love the colors they are subtle and have a spring like quality. This is such a cute easy Easter project. Love it!

    Hope you are having a wondeful Thursday.

  2. This project is so cute!


  3. What an adorable and fun way to spend time with your kids!!

  4. These look fun to make! Found you via the Thirsty Thursday hop. :)

  5. How fun!! I should make these tomorrow after school with the boys.


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