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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Copy Kids Review and Giveaway!

I recently had the chance to view a copy of the Copy-Kids DVD with my 3 year old daughter. This DVD features short clips of different children eating a variety of fruits and veggies.
This DVD features twelve chapters, one for each of these twelve fruits and veggies:  Apples, Avocado,  Bananas,  Bell Pepper, Blueberries. Broccoli, Carrots,  Cucumbers, Oranges,  Raspberries, Strawberries and Tomatoes.  The video starts off featuring vegetables, which is smart, since typically children pick fruits over veggies time and time again.  The concept of this DVD is that if children see other children choosing, eating and enjoying fresh fruits and veggies, that they will also want to eat them.  I find that this is a smart and realistic concept.  I'm not saying that if your child despises bell peppers this DVD will turn them into a pepper lover but it may show them that other kids their age are enjoying these foods and perhaps encourage them to try them again - or try some new ones. 
The children in the seven minute segments are funny and are clearly enjoying what they are eating and are so fun to watch!  My daughter was commenting on their dining choices and the children, they definitely are engaging and certainly not preachy.  It was an enjoyable DVD to watch and was educational without being boring.  Sydney was interested in the children and their snack choices.  
Copy-Kids launched in January 2012 and is meant for children ages 6 months to 5 years old.  It runs for about 115 minutes.  Children learn from watching other children do something, so this video has captured the essence of this by showing our kids how enjoyable a variety of foods can be.  I also loved that there was a variety in how each veggie/fruit was eaten.  Some kids had cooked broccoli, some ate a whole head of broccoli from the top, some from the bottom, and some were cut up.  Finally, I loved the variety of foods chosen - we don't always think of avocados but they are such a wonderfully nutritious vegetable that we shouldn't forget them!  I love that the variety is interesting and colorful.
Dr. Jay Gordon, an author and pediatrician, provides some commentary on child nutrition on the dvd as well.  
Copy-Kids is offerring up a copy of their new DVD to one lucky reader of Barefoot by the Sea!

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  1. I think Emma's favorite veg right now is either broccoli or purple carrots. What she won't touch...she hasn't really liked frozen peas recently. Actually, she hasn't liked frozen peas since she ate all the fresh ones from my garden last summer. Interesting.

  2. favorite is carrots - least favorite is peas!


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