Barefoot by the Sea: I spy with my little eye...

Monday, April 23, 2012

I spy with my little eye...

My little explorer!  She's very eager these days to get outside and play!  She's loving bird watching and insect long as it's from a far.  If the ittiest bittiest bug gets too close, she freaks.  
I love these moments though, when I catch her...quiet, focused, still.  I love to watch her become memorized with something.  These days she's all about the big, wide, world around us.  
We're absolutely looking forward more warm days when we can get outside more and see what we can find. Not long now! 

This week is our April School Vacation!  So, I have both girls home!  It's rainy today so we're hitting the library!  Hoping for some sun later this week!

Have a wonderful day!  


  1. She's so cute!! Hope the weather clears up so that you all can enjoy the sun and play outside!

  2. Are you sure she isn't watching the neighbors? ;-) Just kidding! So cute of her to love nature, and want to always be outside!!

  3. Cute! What a yukky week for vacation. I'm planning allot of day trips this week to keep the kids busy. Today is play dough making. fun fun!


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