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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Living in the Moment

The weather here has been amazing.  This has been a beautiful, sunny and warm week.  Today will be slightly cooler and the next couple of days will be in the low 70s.  Perfect Spring weather!  Riley will be celebrating Earth Day with some wonderful activities including yoga, weeding and planting their garden, walking on their nature trails, recycle art and several other great activities.  The whole community supports this event which reminds me how lucky we are to be a party of this little school.  PERFECT weather to celebrate that day and participate in the activities!  

The past couple of days have been spent outside:  finger-painting, washing our fence (really fun when you're 3), looking over the flower beds to see what's emerging, collecting and coloring rocks, swinging and enjoying an ice cream cone.  It has been such a treat to be able to get outside - in APRIL and really get a jump start on enjoying the outdoors.  Granted, we do enjoy the other seasons but for some reason this particular Spring seems a little sweeter.  

Yesterday we planted our peas and spinach.  The girls absolutely loved it.  They were the best little gardeners and delicately prepped the soil and planted their seeds.  I sat back and watched and answered questions as needed.  Then I though, "Oh!  I should be snapping pictures so I can blog about it!"  Time escaped and then I came to the realization that sometimes, you just have to live in the moment.  Do you ever feel that way?  We are so busy running around that at times we don't enjoy the most precious moments.  Yes, I love photographs and videos but sometimes, I just want the memory.  The memory is just as special.  

That also explains why I'm late this morning with my blog post.  We were outside for the bulk of the day, followed by baths and a lazy Summer like evening.  Could I have run inside to prepare this morning's post?  Absolutely!  But, when my girls are 25 and 29 - and living their own lives, will it really matter?  Not one bit. 

But the memory of these special sweet days will.  

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  1. I want to start a garden really bad and like you said the kids would love to help out! Win, win.


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