Barefoot by the Sea: Tea, take TWO

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tea, take TWO

So the other day I talked a bit about my love for Tea Collection clothing, their fashion forward styles and pretty details.  We love the clothing - and, their women's clothing as well.  If you're like me, I don't often spend tons of money on new clothes or any for that matter but these?  Well, it makes me want to buy a few simple pieces to update my wardrobe.  The fabric is lightweight, flowy and perfect for family friendly strolls through town or trips to the beach.  As a Mom, I love the ease of their clothing and their versatility.  It's not difficult to go from day to evening in these pieces.  The fun, modern pieces are pretty and feminine without looking like I'm "trying".  As an added bonus, I can coordinate with my daughter's outfits and look like we're on trend for 2012!

Here are some of my very favorite looks....

Tea's Artisan Ikat Tunic looks great with jeans, shorts, skirts and is an easy transition from day to night....
The Painterly Striped Tunic is perfect for office or beach!  The fun dress features bold colors and will get you noticed. 
 My very favorite, the Ubud Ikat Embroidered Top has pretty details on high quality cotton.  
Best of all, Tea Collection is again offering free shipping on your purchase of women's clothing.  Check out the entire new women's Tea Collection here.

(sorry for the shameless plug folks but I truly adore this stuff and really think you will too!)

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  1. Love these looks! But, I am just too dang cold right now to think about light clothing :-) I am still in sweaters and sweatshirts...and hoping that the 60 degree weather this weekend pulls me out of it!


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