Barefoot by the Sea: Birthday Cake

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday Cake

Would you believe me if I say I made this cake?  Well if you would, you probably have never actually eaten one of my cakes.  This one was made by my friend Lara at My Friend's Bakery.  I met her years ago while selling Barefoot Books her cakes not only look pretty but taste delicious.  This year, we had a dolphin themed extravaganza and Lara made this yummy ocean cake, complete with seahorses and glittery shells. 
Riley insisted she wanted chocolate cake so Lara made just that.  It was pretty rich and we each ate only a sliver.  I think that chocolate cake, when you're eating REAL CAKE is different than you anticipate.  You know, no generic box taste - just rich and moist.  If chocolate is for you, then you would enjoy this.  I'm not really a "cake person" but know enough to know that this was a delicious work of art.  Big too - we have A LOT left and will be freezing it to enjoy at a later date.
If you are in the coastal New Hampshire area, Massachusetts or Southern, Maine, be sure to check out My Friend's bakery on facebook here for news and updates.


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