Barefoot by the Sea: Breakfast Variety

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breakfast Variety

First HAPPY MAY 1st!

Now, onto the buisiness at hand...

Do you have a "go to" breakfast you serve your family?  My family enjoys a variety but it always incorporates fresh fruit and a whole grain.  Sometimes we have pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, whole wheat toast, cereal or waffles.  It always amazes me that the kids get so excited to see what fruit will be served up on any given day.  It can actually change a sleepy faced seven year old to an alert, excited girl in no time.  Recently, they enjoyed fresh mango, plums and whole wheat waffles.  I'm finding sometime the simpler, the better.
Lately, Riley is loving steel cut oats and Sydney could literally eat fruit for the entire meal.  No complaints here, Im thrilled that they enjoy a heathly breakfast.  Me, on the other hand, could literally eat the carb filled breakfast that is a health hazard (I don't).  I try to lead by example but some days are harder than others!  This Summer I plan on making a lot of smoothies as well. In the warmer months, we sometimes go for a walk first thing, with a smoothie in hand....and the kids look at it as a huge treat!  It's a great way to get going first thing and mix up the same 'ol schedule!

How do you start your morning - food wise?


  1. Oatmeal, every day :-) My kids love the stuff, rolled oats with milk, cooked with brown sugar and butter, cooked with cinnamon/nutmeg/blueberries. And green smoothies, although these tend to be our morning snack. Muffins once/week, pancakes on the weekends, scrambled eggs and toast sometimes as well. Although, I can see a lot of scrambled eggs in our future come the fall :-)

  2. For the boys... they eat yogurt/fruit.... waffles, oatmeal, muffins, PB toast. The normal kid stuff. I on the other hand. I am a terrible example. I run on coffee... and more coffee. I occasionally will have some yogurt, half a grapefruit, or a boiled egg. But I'm not that regular with it.


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