Barefoot by the Sea: Easy Rainbow Collage Tutorial

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Easy Rainbow Collage Tutorial

I love Pinterest for all the fabulous ideas!  Recently, I found something similar to this rainbow and found it was the perfect craft for little hands.  It kept Ms Sydney's interest and it was fun!  On a side note, we are painting her room soon and I recently picked up some paint samples.  Of course, Sydney has requested pink (shocker) so these lovely shades won't work for her room however, this craft is a great way to recycle those paint sample cards.  Here's how easy this project can be -
First, get a few paint sample cards in various shades, cut them up into little triangles, circles or squares (it's a great shape identification tool!)

Next, draw a rainbow shape on a piece of construction paper and leave enough room for each color

Use a gluestick to attach each of the shapes to your rainbow

I let Sydney choose her order, so it isn't "Roy G. Biv" (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet).  I thought it was better for her to choose her colors...
and she is very proud of her little work of art!

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  1. What a great idea! Perfect summer rainy day activity.


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