Barefoot by the Sea: My kids don't have Ipods

Friday, May 25, 2012

My kids don't have Ipods

But they do have "toy" Ipods that they crafted themselves.  I thought this was pretty clever.  These of course, will be kept at home.  Can you imagine the embarassment being caught with a homeade Ipod at school? 

I have mixed thoughts on Ipods for kids.  Obviously I think Sydney is too young for one but I'm seeing the benefits of eventually getting Riley one at some point in the future, never say never, right?  When I was a kid, I had a Sony Walkman I paraded around with.  I thought I was the coolest girl in the world.  Last week when we were reading an early '90s book, it made reference to a Walkman and Riley said, "What's a Walkman Mom?"  I felt old, really old.  Then I started to think more about technology and how far we've come.  I think about the fact that the internet didn't exist when I was in college, about how when I first got online I used WEB TV and had a tivo.

It's an amazing world we live in for certain.  For now, my kids are happy with homeade pink Ipods.  But I know just like the changing world, they won't be content with that technology for long.  Something to think about - and more for me to worry about.  Don't even get me started on Facebook :/


  1. I say yes to the ipod, my music was my sanity growing up :-) You could always get her one of those really small ones - the shuffle - so no video capabilities!

  2. Love this idea!!! My kids are obsessed with my ipod... and I hate to let them use it since everything they touch gets sticky... and because I feel like it's the doorway into video games feigns with all the apps and games you can download!


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