Barefoot by the Sea: Super Easy Tissue Flowers

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Super Easy Tissue Flowers

After all our rain, we were anxious to see some flowers. Sydney and I sat down to make some easy tissue paper flowers. They were so easy, we made a ton! 
Here's what you need -
assorted rectangles of multi colored tissue paper
pipe cleaners
  1. Take 3-4 sheets of assorted tissue paper in a stack
  2. Fold the tissue paper, lengthwise like an accordian until you have one long rectangle shape
  3. Take your pipe cleaner and put it into the center of your flower and attached it by bending it over the rectangle shape
  4. Slowly pull your tissue paper apart to "open" your flower
  5. Attach each side of the tissue paper to one another with tape to create your full open bloom
We found that three sheets of paper worked very well.  This would make a great craft to do at a party, it's easy enough that younger kids can do them on their own and pretty enough to keep the interest of the older ones!


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