Barefoot by the Sea: 4 years ago today

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4 years ago today

Started out like any other day.  I brought Riley (then four) to dance class, I made her lunch, I had a routine doctor's appointment.  And then, started to feel not so great....followed by some scary spotting (won't go into details here) and some time being monitored at the hospital.  They said I should walk and that perhaps I was going into labor (even though my official due date wasn't until July 10th).  So I walked and was crampy and crabby.  Riley walked with me, and my husband as we tried to a plan.  I was given a choice....I could go home or stay and be monitored.  I chose to stay.  My husband brought Riley home to be with my Mom and took a quick shower.  I layed down for a rest, it was 8pm.  It would be an uneventful night.  I turned onto my right side and my water broke.  I called the nurse, there was more blood than there should have been, I knew that.  The nurses quickly got me onto a monitor....and moved that monitor all over me.  I was irritated and wanted to rest.  But something wasn't right.  What followed was a series of nurses and doctors scrambling in the room, nobody was really saying much to me although they decided to start my IV.   They had me get on my hands and knees.  Two nurses poked and tryed to get my IV in as my veins were collapsing.  My husband walked in and I heard them say, "We're going to get the baby" to him and they wheeled me away, through the hopital to the operating room.  There wasn't a lot of time.  The anestisialogist was in the room before I arrived and let me know I would need to stay very, very still.  At this point I was having contractions but knew what was happenning (even though I skipped the c-section chapter in the baby book).  I saw my OB sprinting towards the room, she smiled and got right to work.  I felt warm, calm and cozy as the medicine took affect.  Relaxed even?  When they removed Sydney she didn't cry right away and they whisked her away and then I heard a faint cry, followed by another.  She was here.  Sydney Catherine, 5 pounds, 13 ounces of perfection! 9:58pm.  I was informed later that I had a full placental abruption.  No warning signs, but the placenta had torn away completely (which explains why I was on my hands and knees as it was the only way to keep the placenta intact).  So many different outcomes could have happenned that day...but we're so lucky!
Happy 4th Birthday Miss Sydney!  Today we will celebrate you!


  1. Happy Birthday Syd! We love you!

  2. Happy Birthday Sydney! p.s. thanks for making me cry! Birth stories (as we are planning to try for a family very soon) have been making me cry like a baby! beautiful story! Glad everything went so well!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little precious one!

  4. Happy Birthday to Sydney! Thanks for sharing your story...I remember at the time Heather said it was a crazy experience, but I didn't know exactly what happened. And now with my own little one on the way, it's crazy hearing about other people's stories and knowing in just a few months I will have a story to share too!

  5. Oh, she is precious!!! Gosh, what a scary experience...I'm so glad you were both OK!


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