Barefoot by the Sea: 5 Straight Days

Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 Straight Days

of rain.  FIVE.  I remember about six years ago we had a Spring like this.  Dark and dreary, it felt like the entire month of May was rainy.  After that we experienced a chillier Summer.  I'm really hoping that is not the case this year! Still, it amazes me how much fun the kids can have on the dreariest of weeks.  We managed to do some productive activities and have fun.  Here's a look into our week...

Riley has been very busy jumproping lately.  She absolutely loves it and luckily, we have a big enough open space in our kitchen for her to practice. 
Ms. Sydney has proven herself to be quite the little housekeeper.  Here, she's washing our windows....and that's a good thing because "someone" drew a picture of our family with crayon on my bedroom window.  Gee, who could have that have been?
We also visited the library quite a few times and had plenty of time for reading and snuggling.
Oh and did I mention it's been rather cold here as well.  Yes, it's June and we're in the 50's!  Sorry for the junky picture but you get the point.  Luckily, the upcoming weekend looks delightful. 
And, after these past couple of weeks, well deserved!  Happy Thursday!


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