Barefoot by the Sea: Kiwi Cookbook Review & Giveaway!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Kiwi Cookbook Review & Giveaway!

Think I might make some fruit guac for the 4th! Check out the recipe here!
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I love testing family friendly, healthy, new recipes so I was super excited to receive KIWI Magazine’s new cookbook: Allergy-Friendly Foods for Families in the mail! While we don’t have any allergy concerns in our family, food allergies are something we have run into with friends, extended family and especially at Riley's school, where she has been in nut free classes.  Not wanting to take a chance, I'm often looking for nut free snacks to send in and bring to the playground after school.  Also, their Grandmother has a Gluten allergy so we often look for ways to share delicious meals without gluten.  This cookbook is a fabulous resource to have on hand for kid-friendly and family-friendly recipes that work with allergies.  The recipes are yummy and we've enjoyed testing out several in our kitchen as we have kicked off our Summer vacation. 
The cookbook also includes a variety of suggestions and articles relating to getting your children involved and cooking with you.  I am a firm believer that children are eager to learn and will be more likely to incorporate healthy eating habits into their lives if we share and educate them.  It helps if we make it fun as well, this cookbook offers tips to get the kids involved in the kitchen!
From a time perspective, most of these recipes are pretty easy to make and are not all that time consuming.  For a busy Mom, that is a must.  While there are several recipes with more unique ingredients, most are readily available and easy to substitute.  Here are some of my favorite recipes that we have tried or are eager to try...
  • French Toast Kebabs - This is FUN!  Putting healthy squares of french toast on skewers in between fresh slices of strawberries, grapes and pineapple.  Not many kids would pass that up!
  • Tomato and Grilled Cheese Soup - Incorporates a healthy serving of tomato soup with tiny grilled cheese sandwiches in the soup.  My girls adored this recipe and asked for it again!  A fun and healthy take on the classic soup and sandwich!  This is especially delicious on a chilly, rainy afternoon.
  • Lemony Tuna Salad on Cucumber Slices - I love that this cookbook offers some alternative serving suggestions and fun new takes on the classic sandwich.  Let's face it, sandwiches get boring after a while.  This mixes it up and incorporates freshly sliced cucumbers with a delicious lemon flavor.
  • Southwest Beans and Corn Bread Bake - Deliciously filling and different.  A yummy take on comfort food.
  • Greener Sloppy Joes - Sans beef!  This recipe uses lentils and is an equally tasty and protein packed sandwich that my family enjoyed. 
  • Chicken Potpie with Sweet Potato Topping - Yet another take on a classic dish that's updated with a healthy, fluffy sweet poato topping.  This is a fabulous dish to double and freeze!  Check out the recipe here!
  • Cherry Chocolate Sorbet - 5 minutes of prep for a creamy, delicious "ice cream" your kids will love...mine did.  It's entirely dairy-free!
  • Whole Wheat Lemon Shortbread - When you are in need of a deliciously satisfing yet healthy cookie!
Also, there is an entire chapter devoted to parties, which I love!  A great reference guide full of recipes for entertaining! 

As you can tell,  I am thrilled to welcome this cookbook to my library!  With the internet, my cookbook cabinent is getting smaller and I'm only keeping the ones I will truly use and this is a keeper!  I love the variety of healthy and kid friendly recipes.  I think you will too!

Did I mention that the folks over at Kiwi Magazine are offerring up one copy of their new cookbook to one lucky reader?  With that cookbook, you'll also score a free subscription of KIWI magaizne!  US only and must be 18 or over. To enter please fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

Can't wait? Order your copy now!  Head over to Amazon and for your copy of Allergy-Friendly Food For Families!
Read more about Allergy-Friendly Cooking here

Good Luck!  Have a great day and weekend everybody!
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Disclaimer: I was given this book for free in order to conduct this review. However, I'm under no obligation to write a positive review in exchange for the book.  I'm posting this on Blog Giveaway Directory for further promotion.  Check it out here!


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