Barefoot by the Sea: New Favorite Snack!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Favorite Snack!

We visited my Mom this past weekend to celebrate her birthday!  We had a wonderful day!  When we were there, she introduced us to these yummy and light treats from CocoFoods called Coco Lite.  What are they?  They are a crisp, popped snack (lighter then rice cakes and not as crispy as a pop chip).  I try to make the bulk of our snacks but once and a while it's nice to have something easy that you can take to the beach, to work or on a picnic.  My girls enjoy them too.  They are great plain but also yummy with peanut butter or fruit topped.
The best part?  These guys have 16 calories each, are all natural, contain zero preservatives and no sugar!

Just had to share!  I've got to get my hands on the blueberry cinnamon!

Hope you are off to a wonderful Tuesday.  Guess what?  It's RAINING here again! 


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