Barefoot by the Sea: SLOW IT DOWN!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Last week I did something careless and stupid, proving to myself (once again) that I need to slow down!  Here it is (don't judge me) - I was running around putting groceries and laundry away, getting ready to pick my daughter up from school and I decided to run the dishwasher.  Quickly, I grabbed the dishwashing liquid and started running the load.  I ran upstairs and got some cleaning done and about a half an hour later, we were ready to go.  We ran down our stairs and were greeted with a floor FULL of bubbles.  That's right, I literally put DISHWASHING LIQUID into the dishwasher and what resulted was madness.  Sydney immediately got excited and tried to "slide" through them (unsuccessfully, of course). I attempted to grab towels to wipe up the mess and shut off the dishwasher but the bubbles kept on coming and sudsing.  I ran out the door and returned after some much needed playground time to my bubble floor.  I googled "What to do when you put dishwashing liquid in your dishwasher" and the results were hours of clean up: sprinkling salt on the bubbles, throwing ice in the dishwasher, wiping up all the bubbles, draining the water, running 2-4 additional empty cycles to ensure all the bubbles were gone. 
People wonder what I do all day and honestly, even when I'm caught up....I really am never "caught up" because apparentely there is something about me that yearns to do more.  Maybe it's deep down inside but apparently, I enjoy doing these things? 

From now on, I'm trying to slow down.....take my time and realize that being thorough and paying attention is just as good as multi-tasking.  That's this week's goal....wish me luck!

(Still, I have to say, my floor is sparkling clean!)

Have a great Wednesday my friends!


  1. oh my! that doesn't sound like a great time :-) slowing down is good! It is almost summer after all :-)

  2. ugh! Glad it wasn't worse! But maybe a good thing like you said, remind you to slow down a bit! We've ALL done something like that! Pressure to "be all" definitely creeps in when we aren't looking!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  3. I have done this looong time ago, but in my case I meant to put the dish washing liquid because I did not know how to use the dishwasher ;(
    Well at least it was not a bigger disaster to remind you to slow down! Slowing down is not as easy as seems in our busy lives.


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