Barefoot by the Sea: Anything goes Ice Pops!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Anything goes Ice Pops!

I know I've blogged about making your own pops before and so many other bloggers out there have as well.  Why?  Because they are super fun to make with your kids, inexpensive, colorful and can be SO much more healthy than the usual suspects.  I was given this fun Star Pop maker last year and never had a chance to use it until the other day.  They turned out pretty cute and were super easy!  The best part?  We are able to make a variety of pops based on what we like!  So, Sydney made some Greek Yogurt pops with blueberries and strawberries.  Riley settled on easy lemonade based pops with a few strawberries thrown in for good measure.  They even made me a lemonade, blueberry, strawberry pop and a simple frozen lemonade for Dad!  This was the first time I really just put a bunch of options on the counter and let the girls experiment a bit.  Riley was in charge of carefully pouring and Sydney loved to add the special ingredients. 
It was a fun day!  The best part about this maker - unlike a few others we've tried....the pops actually are easy to remove! 


  1. yum! these look delicious! i think emma would be very happy if i got an ice pop maker :-)

  2. All of my molds are so hard to get out! We love experimenting with new pop flavors. The boys favorites are coconut milk with blueberries or Greek yogurt with honey.


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