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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Escape Artist

Sure, she looks innocent enough, but this past weekend proved to me that we need to ensure we have a better "security system" in place when it comes to my youngest.  Here's the scoop - in was a lazy Saturday afternoon and this so hot that I had to take a mid afternoon shower after doing yardwork.    Miss Sydney saw a friend outside playing in her little backyard pool.  She got so excited and exclaimed, "Oh!  Sam is outside, can I invite her over to play!?"  I said, "We will go back out in a while, just let me get dressed."  She calmly and very quietly walked out of the room.  Ten seconds later, my husband exclaims!  "AHHHHHHHHHH!" and ran out of the room (It was more of a grunt but I wasn't sure how to "grunt" in writing).  I thought he was pointing to a spider or something.  I looked at the wall and then past it, only to see my blonde bolt of lightening flying across the front yard, stopping to look for cars and then going across the street.  My husband was right behind her but it scared me so much I was shaking.  A million questions - "What if a car had been coming?" and "What if we didn't notice she was outside?" and much worse.  
That afternoon was spent discussing why we don't leave the house without Mom or Dad and why we don't leave the house or go anywhere without permission.  I think that conversation scared her a bit (and that's fine with me).  After some tears and a nap from stress/heat/exhaustion....she woke up and reiterated the rules.  Of course these are not "new rules" but clearly they bared repeating.   She definitely understands now but we will still be getting a little extra protection so that it doesn't happen in the future.  

Really on most days I think I'm a pretty ok Mom but days like this really test my confidence.  

Happy Tuesday - here's hoping for an easy, low key day!  


  1. Yeah, if we didn't have the gate blocking the entryway, Emma would be gone in a flash. She can even unlock the deadbolt now. And of course, when we are outside with no fence it isn't any better. If I turn my head for a second, Jack will start walking down the street to visit his Nana...luckily we are the only two occupied houses on our dead end street...but still it is extremely scary! Glad she didn't decide to go get an ice cream ;-)

  2. It happens to the best of us! Don't let it weigh on your confidence, from what I have seen through blog/facebook your a great mom!


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