Barefoot by the Sea: Newmans Own Farmers Market Pasta Salad!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Newmans Own Farmers Market Pasta Salad!

Last year, I discovered my love for Newman's Own Organics products.  What I didn't realize is that they also carry Olive Own and Balsamic!  I was over the moon when I got a couple bottles to try out. 

  "There are so many other uses for both vinegar and oil in cooking and we wanted to offer an organic choice." - Nell Newman

Their Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar are both 100% organic, high quality and delicious.  It was perfect in my "Anything goes" Pasta Salad.   The Balsamic is rich and smooth, the Olive Oil is light and delicious.  A little goes a long way, I imagine we will be using it all Summer long.  I'm excited to try it with market fresh tomatoes, mozzerella and basil!  The Newman's Own website also suggests being a bit more adventurous and trying a classic Modena dish, pairing their balsamic with strawberries - I'm game!
This pasta salad included the girl's pasta pick (wagon wheels), along with a chopped cucumber, some roasted red pepper, green beans, freshly grated parmesan and of course a little Newman's Own Balsamic and Olive Oil!  Delicious!  Easy, healthy and good!

Visit here to see where to find Newman's Own Organics line of products and foods.  They also have coffee, snacks (including some of my favorite pretzels - high protein!), dried fruit and more.  They also have a coupon section where you can print off savings for their new items including their Sour Licorice (yummy), cookies (love their crunchy Ginger Snaps), peanut butter cups and even dog food (hey, your pup needs good for him food too!) 

Finally, click here to be "in the know" and follow Newman's Own Organics on Facebook!  I'm happy we have some delicious organic AND tasty options in the grocery store!  Support this great company who really is making a difference!


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