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Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome Kitty

One of the reasons I decided to take a little blog break was that so much was going around our house a couple weeks ago.  We lost our old friend, Oobie....who was just shy of 17 years old.  While it was hard to say goodbye, our cat died naturally and of old age.  It was most difficult for my oldest daughter, who had grown to really love him.  Still, we all knew that Oobie was slowing down and we took comfort in the fact that he didn't suffer.

We decided to adopt another cat.  We visited both our local humane society and the SPCA - both wonderful organizations and full of amazing people.  I knew we didn't want a kitten but a companion for our other cat, Kazoo who most definetely was depressed after his friend was gone.  We settled on this little adult cat who was abandoned.  He is very calm, quiet and gentle.  He fits in well and is a wonderful new adition to our family.
His SPCA name was Tron (which my husband was thrilled about).  The girls renamed him Pumpkin. 

Welcome new little friend!

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  1. She is SO adorable. I would really like a cat!


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