Barefoot by the Sea: Garden Fresh!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden Fresh!

So excited to report that our garden is actually producing this year!  How shocked was I when my girls were shouting that we "had some tomatoes!"  Of course, I know we had a ton of green ones, four different varieties to be exact but these were actually big and ready to harvest!  We were pretty happy that our thumbs, though not super green....are sort of a yellowish green? 
We also picked a few zucchinis and some green beans.  Definetely more exciting than basil and cilantro!
The girls also decided to make some fresh veggie pizzas - super easy and pretty healthy.  We used our homeade dough and divided it into dough balls.  From there, the girls rolled it, topped it and then we baked them.  Delicious!
With only about three weeks left of Summer, we're soaking it up to the fullest!  Enjoying company this week with special friends, swimming and of course, more trips to the farms! 

There are somedays I wish Summer would never end....especially when I have two sweet girls getting along!


  1. Those pizzas look awesome! Are those sungolds? The tomatoes? Yum! Someday I might get a fully ripe tomato...if I can just spot it before the chickens do :-)

  2. Yummy! Can I eat at your house?!


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