Barefoot by the Sea: Easy Handprint Flowers

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Easy Handprint Flowers

Sydney loves getting dirty.  When I told her we were going to do a craft that involved painting her hand, she literally squealed with delight.  Messy?  Paint?  Sounds like the perfect craft!

We started by simply picking the color of the flower we wanted to do.  She picked yellow.  

Start by carefully applying paint to your child's hand.
Then place their hand down on the paper
leaving a little space between each finger...
Then, have them carefully remove their hand
and repeat (as carefully as then can) in a circle to create their flower (as you can see, Sydney got a little excited during this part)...
After the flower bloom dries, have them (or assist) paint a stem on their flower.  Then, cut a couple of petals out of scrap-booking paper and after the stem has dried, have them glue the petals on.
A simple and a wonderful craft that involves multi media and mess...
the perfect combination! 
Our final step?  The center, of course!  Thinking of getting some sunflower seeds for her to glue in the middle.  A multi media extravaganza!  Or, maybe birdseed?  Any suggestions? 
Have a great day everybody!


  1. Very cute! And Syd was great to let you "carefully" paint the hand. Emma would demand that she do it, and then Jack's face would be involved, and we would have a much more abstract finished product :-) I think birdseed is a great idea!

  2. Really cute idea! Sweet little hand. :o)


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