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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Organic Family Cookbook - Love this!

I was thrilled to receive book The Organic Family Cookbook -Growing, Greening And Cooking Together by Anni Daulter a few weeks ago.  It's taken me a few weeks to teste out several of the recipes, but in my opinion the delay shouldn’t matter because this is one of those cookbooks whose recipes are always relevant.  
The Organic Family Cookbook is all about family friendly, healthy meals amd snacks that  use organic ingredients. Anni Daulter talks a lot about trying to grow whatever you can and buying locally.  Her recipes are really about using the best fresh and natural ingredients in your day to day cooking.  No problem there!
First, I was struck by the beautiful photographs in this book.  The food looks colorful, fresh and delicious - the way you want your food to look in real life!  The photos of course, are accompanied by recipes and sidebar comments by the author regarding how she gets her entire family (baby to teen) to eat healthy, organic and fresh food.   I love the "extras" in this books as well, she includes tips on how to build a compost pile with your kids as well as dying eggs for Easter naturally and of course tips how to make your kitchen and home a healthier, greener place.  

The recipes in the book are divided into different sections including based on meals - 
Naturally Tasty Breakfasts (On-the-Go 3-Cheese Savory Scones, Bodhi’s Warm Berry Quinoa With Honey Butter, Mother’s Day Sun-dried Tomatoe-Basil Pesto Ricotta Crepes, etc)
Simple Snacks (Veggie Parmesan Popcorn, Natural Cran-Strawberry Red Roll-ups, Spicy Lime And Sesame Pumpkin Seeds, etc)
Wholesome Lunches (Piquante Pepper And Sweet Potato Flatbread, Roasted Tomato Garden Tacos, Udon Noodles With Soybeans And Carrots, etc)
Family Favourite Dinners (Tom’s Favourite Mushroom And Onion Tart, Linguini With Spicy Tomato Caper Sauce, Veggie Sliders With Blue Corn Chips, etc)
Savory Sides ( Luscious Garlic Beet Chips, Stuffed Focaccia French Bread, Fig Jam With Garlic Cheese Tarts, etc)
Refreshing Desserts ( Fall Pumpkin Spice Cookies, Simple Peach Berry Souffles, Dana’s Raw Vegan Apple Pie, etc)
Homespun Extras ( Lotus Loves Honey Butter, Tofu Mayo, Fresh Fig Jam, Everyday Garden Salsa, etc)
This page by the publisher (Sellers Publishing) gives you more information about this wonderful cookbook and resource for your kitchen!
One of the things I liked most about this book is that Anni Daulter encourages families to cook their meals together, getting the children involved in the cooking helps to encourage them to become better eaters and more experimental with their fruits and vegetables.  So many of the recipes in the book are vegetarian or can be made vegetarian so they are versatile for both carnivores and vegetarians, love that!
More about Anni Daulter, the author...
Anni is an eco-mama, professional cook, advocate of sustainable living and author. Anni was the founder of a fresh organic baby food company, Bohemian Baby. Recently, Anni, along with Elena Rego launched a new site and magazine called Sacred Pregnancy. With her knowledge and passion about child well being combined with her love of healthy but tasty cooking, Anni wrote her first book called, Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies & Toddlers (Rodale, May 2010). Since then, Anni has gone on to author several books including, ICE POP JOY, The Organic Family Cookbook, Naturally Fun Parties for Kids, Sacred Pregnancy + Bountiful Baby Purees.
Check out the book to see the delicious recipes that you can add to your rotation!  

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