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Friday, September 14, 2012

Simple and Fresh

I am sad to see these beautiful, warm Summer days come to an end.  I think it becomes really obvious around harvest time when we get so many delicious, local foods.  It just seems to make life fresher, easier...better! 
We were lucky have a surprise the other day when we traveled to the farm to pick some end of the season peaches.  Sadly, they are passing and the last few trees were closed for ripening.  But, we were lucky enough to get to pick PLUMS!  A first for us.  The girls were so excited to pick these little gems!  We weren't able to grab organic ones but they are local and I'm familiar with their spraying practices so it was a win-win in my book!  The girls have been busy enjoying these sweet and juicy morsels.
I also made a big, juicy fruit salad - delicious!  Just made with Farmer's Market fresh cantaloupe (the cantaloupe is so fresh and good this time of year, plums, peaches and a little ginger and mint). 
 Riley takes a big bowl to school for snack and comes home raving about how good it is!   And, since I ate my fair share of these a couple of weeks ago, I've be eating this all week long as well, the ginger makes it a little different but so yummy! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yum! I love fresh fruit salad. And cantaloupe from the market is to die for...if only I could figure out how to grow melons here...

  2. I love this time of year too with all the fresh produce in season! My kids LOVE plums! cute blog you have :)


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