Barefoot by the Sea: Nourishment

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Nourishment:  The substances necessary for growth, health and good condition

Do you feel nourished?  I mean more than just satisfied when you are done eating.  I mean, nourished in your life.  Are you spiritually fulfilled?  Are you taking care of yourself in order to provide for your loved ones?  These are some things I've been thinking about over the past months.  It's a long process but I think that nourishment of your mind, body and soul are just as critical (for me at least) as nourishing my body.  When I am eating better, I feel better about myself, my body and have more clarity.  When I am taking care of myself - both mentally and physically, I am happier an those around me are happier as well.  As a mother, I think it is so easy to get caught up in doing what we are supposed to do, that we often forget to do the things that are important to us and feed our souls.  When you forget to nourish your mental self, we can end up feeling resentful, stressed and stretched too thin. 

This past weekend, we avoided turning our heat on, knowing that this upcoming week would be milder.  Instead, we took advantage of the chilly weather and cuddled, layered and enjoyed some tea, coffee and hot cocoa.  We laughed, told stories and danced.  I was joyful and relaxed.  We had a great family weekend and connected wonderfully as a family.  

On Sunday, Riley and I had the opportunity to participate in a Mother/Daughter Yoga Retreat at our wonderful, local studio.  It was such a great way to focus on our relationship and get some special one on one time.  We learned and practiced sun salutations, yoga poses, worked on handstands (some more successful then others) gave one another hand massages and meditated.  The theme was "Adapting to Change" and I found it beneficial for both of us.  We were able to learn coping mechanisms and ways to embrace change.  It was a special day for both of us. 

Yesterday, Sydney and I attended her preschool field trip at one of our favorite local farms.  We had a tractor ride, picked a perfect pumpkin from the patch (that's a mouthful) and visited all our animal friends.  No trip to this farm is complete without a trip to the farmstand where were were lucky enough to score their very last, deliciously juicy and fresh watermelon!  74 degrees and watermelon?  I can almost feel Summer one last time! 
We also picked up some organic Acorn and Delicata squash which will most certainly snap us back into our "Fall mode" when I'm roasting and hopefully making some yummy soup for the end of the week!  I feel grateful that we are able to eat so many delicious, local food and that this week has provided an opportunity to enjoy it together with the family.  They seem to appreciate it as much as I do.  To see the girl's excitement over new vegetables makes me giddy! 

Nourishing our bodies with good, local food and ourselves with special time enjoying this wonderful world we have is so important.  Different things work for everyone, every family is unique but I think when you come to the realization of what works best for yours, you are half way there....

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends!  Linking up over at Friendship Friday!


  1. Excellent advice my friend! When we are able to step back and really concentrate on ourselves, it is better for us and our families.

  2. Thanks for joining us for Friendship Friday at Create With Joy, Jessica! Hope to see you again this week! :-)


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