Barefoot by the Sea: Retro Monday - HOT Dr Pepper

Monday, October 22, 2012

Retro Monday - HOT Dr Pepper

Mondays around here can be.... challenging.  I've decided to start hosting a retro Monday series!    I love vintage goodies, including old magazines and advertisements!  Sometimes it's fascinating how everything comes back into style and funny what trends don't exactly stick around.  I have a giant stack of old magazines that were my Grandmothers that I've browsed through over the years.  This post will be dedicated to items from "the old days"...some silly and some just entertaining! 

Since the holidays are coming, this particular beverage caught my eye when I was browsing through a 1965 Good Housekeeping issue.  In the "old days" a mug of piping HOT Dr Pepper apparently was a trendy beverage.  My friend pointed out that it is a little spicy (you know who you are) so perhaps it was served as an alternative to egg nog or hot apple cider? 
Seriously considering serving this beverage at our annual Christmas party this year.  I just wonder if flat, HOT Dr Pepper would really have appeal.  Have any of you tried this?  Would you want to?   

I also noticed that the holiday issue is filled with these felt ornaments - owls and birds, specifically.  I love how everything comes around again.  I see tons of birdies in my favorite magazines and scattered throughout etsy.  Everything old is new again....eventually. 
(I love this set of 16 Eco Friendly Owls from Lova Revolutionary)
Well...almost everything, the verdict is still out on that HOT Dr Pepper.  But, if you happen to stop by my house after Dec 1st, feel free to join me by my tree, under the giant pink felt owl and enjoy a mug 'o HOT Diet Coke with a slice of lime!  

Oh Martha!  Are you reading?  This could be the next big thing! 

Happy Monday Friends!   


  1. Hot Dr. Pepper...hmmm...I'm not a fan of the cold stuff so I don't think hot would be good for me. Matt might like it though... :-)

    1. You know I wouldn't really serve such a thing, the whole idea just made me laugh. But, you're right....those boys probably would enjoy a mug.....;)

  2. Wow, never heard of hot Dr. Pepper! I guess it's worth a try?! Or maybe it went out of style for a reason...haha.

    Cool felt ornaments! I really like those.

    1. I agree! I think some things are best left in the past!!! :)

  3. Have I told YOU lately how awesome you are??

    Maybe we should try the hot Dr Pepper. As an experiment. Like a recipe testing!

    I do love the felt ornaments. The minute I saw the owls, I thought of Riley.

    Happy Retro Monday my friend!


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