Barefoot by the Sea: Retro Monday - the Pink Popcorn Boy

Monday, October 15, 2012

Retro Monday - the Pink Popcorn Boy

Mondays around here can be.... challenging.  I've decided to start hosting a retro Monday series!    I love vintage goodies, including old magazines and advertisements!  Sometimes it's fascinating how everything comes back into style and funny what trends don't exactly stick around.  I have a giant stack of old magazines that were my Grandmothers that I've browsed through over the years.  This post will be dedicated to items from "the old days"...some silly and some just entertaining! 

With the holidays approaching, why not surprise your guests with this pink Popcorn Boy?  I love the fact that this ad for Wrigley's gum featured this scary jolly treat...that sort of looks like pieces of gum stick together.  At a closer glance I discovered that it has nothing to do with the selling of the gum at all....
 Other than the fact that he is most certainly memorable...
 Still, I wonder how many 1965 holiday tables featured the pink Popcorn boy!
and apparently the pink Popcorn boy carries tiny sacks of airplanes and racecars...

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  1. This is hysterical, Jess! My kids have a stack of Retro comic books that were Dan's when he was a kid So funny to see the "old" print and advertisements. Roman was excited to see Sea Monkeys for $1.29! Of course he wants some now! ;)


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