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Friday, October 5, 2012

Simple is better

I did not invent this flavor combo by any means however, I'm a firm believer in keeping foods simple.  Fresh, real ingredients don't need extra add ins because they can stand alone without "helpers".  This is the case when the girls requested grilled cheese for dinner.  I didn't want a plain old grilled cheese, because I wanted to ensure they were getting some nutritional benefit in there as well.  So, I took the last of our garden fresh tomatoes, basil and shredded cheese and topped them with balsamic, salt and pepper.  From there, I grilled them on our griddle so I could multi-task and the result was a delicious grilled cheese, with the perfect blend of flavors.  
Easy, good and served with carrots and a little bit of hummus, it was an easy weeknight meal.   (Check out my friend's great new blog, Simply Sweet Nectar as she talks about kids, parenting, cooking and being a Vegan....her journey!)

What are your "go to" meals that you resort to most often?  This is most certainly an easy sandwich we enjoy in the Summer and early Fall but one we look forward to all year long! 

Happy Weekend-ing! 


  1. Thanks for the're the best! Those sandwhiches look yummy, will have to give them a try. With Vegan Cheese of course ;)

  2. Yum! Love grilled cheese! Actually any tomato/basil combo I like :-)


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