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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So long ago...

Remember Why You Fell In Love
13 years ago on this day, I married a guy who loved being silly, was driven, thoughtful, hated onions, had big dreams, said Back to the Future was his favorite movie, loved to travel, had a fondness for Walt Disney, loved Chinese Food and made me laugh. 

We met in 1996.  We both worked at a bank and met at our company's big Summer party called the Cornboil.  If any of you readers worked at MBNA back in the day, you know that was a big party.  Everything was over the top, they even flew in Chubby Checker to perform (there I go, further dating myself but I figure might as well go full tilt).  We married in the Fall of 1999 on the coast of Maine.  It was a beautiful October evening.  We honeymooned in Aruba and moved in together after we returned.  It was such an adventure to join households as a new married couple, I have so many memories of that very first year.  I often think back to those lazy days on our honeymoon, on the beach in Aruba....who would have known what was ahead of us.  We now have two beautiful children, a sweet life with one another and although we annoy one another on occasion....we are a happy, strong couple.  We are focused on our family and at the core, one another.  

Today I am married to a man who still loves being silly, is driven, thoughtful, tolerates onions, has big dreams, says Back to the Future is his favorite move, loves to travel to Walt Disney World, loves Indian food and makes me laugh.  

I look back and smile and look forward with anticipation. 

Happy Anniversary!


  1. Awww...super sweet post! Happy Anny to you two love birds. Cheers, Jessica. :)

  2. What a great post! Happy Anniversary! :)


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