Barefoot by the Sea: Happy Face Pancakes

Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Face Pancakes

So much healthier than IHop! 
The girls love to take part in their meal preparation   I think providing them with healthy tools is so important when they are young and giving them the freedom to decide what they want makes them feel a sense of independence.  I decided to make pancakes for dinner last night, easy and economical.   When they were done, I put out a variety of fruit, spreads (including honey, peanut butter, maple syrup) and utensils to aid them.  Miss Sydney was absolutely thrilled to create this masterpiece....her friendly pancakes that she smothered with peanut butter and topped with fresh fruit.  Watching her go to town on this construction brought the biggest smile to my face, she took such pride in her work of art.  
Simple, healthy and fun.  Sometimes that's all these kiddos and this Mama needs. 
I'm off to my craft fair to promote my shop tomorrow.  Hoping for a productive, fun and festive day (did I mention profitable?)  Here are few new goodies...
Happy Weekend-ing my friends!


  1. We love breakfast for dinner. And I love that kids enjoy cooking themselves! It does give them a sense of accomplishment and I think it helps them eat more foods if they've prepared it themselves.
    Good luck tomorrow my friend!! Hope it's a successful fair for you.

    1. And I love that you are going to have a fabulous new class all about these kids cooking! Such a fantastic thing you are doing for the community - can you tell I'm a wee bit excited???

  2. Great idea on the flowers! Anything that is freshly grown in the winter makes me happy!

  3. The pancakes are so cute! What a fun dinner idea. I always love breakfast for dinner. For some reason it feels special!

    Best of luck at the craft fair! Your items are lovely and I hope they sell out fast :)


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