Barefoot by the Sea: Glitter Initial Ornament Tutorial

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Glitter Initial Ornament Tutorial

Super easy and fun...I'm certainly not doing anything "new" here but I wanted to share.  We love glitter around my house.  I mean WE LOVE GLITTER!  Anything sparkly that sticks to my face after a day of crafting is a win-win for these girls.  So, I came across a pack of pretty ornaments that we weren't using and decided to let the girls get crafty!

We decided to do an Initial Ornament.  We used to paintbrush to apply a thick letter for each of the girl's names.  Then, we placed our ornament on top of a canning jar so we had both hands free and ready to apply our glitter.  Next  we GENEROUSLY sprinkled glitter all over the glue initial.  Shake  and then repeat.  Tip: We always put a large plate topped with a paper towel in our clean, dry sink when we are using glitter.  It gives us space to really go crazy with the glitter, otherwise it tends to get everywhere!

Again, cute for your tree or for gift toppers.  Oh and remember, if you see me around later today, I'll be the one with the fairy dusting of glitter all over my face and hands.  Glitter has quite a stick!

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  1. I have one like this that my mom made-probably back in the 70's on a large gold ball. It is on the tree now!!!


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