Barefoot by the Sea: Playoff Recap and Puffy Paint Football Shirts

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Playoff Recap and Puffy Paint Football Shirts

If you live in New England, you know sports are a big deal around here.  We do enjoy baseball and the idea of going to a game at Fenway is always fun to me (although we have yet to take the kids to one).  If you're a football fan, you know this past Sunday was a BIG GAME and that means a big deal for PATRIOTS' fans and of course, RAVENS fans all over the place.  

Riley started really getting excited about the playoff game a few weeks ago and requested to get a Patriots' shirt.  As you can imagine, there was a lot of buzz and school and among friends.  She explained she didn't really want to wear the shirt to school, because that's "not her style" but that she wanted to wear it during the games.  Sydney (of course) followed and said, "I'm a Pats' fan too Mom".  So I started poking around in stores locally and figured, how much could a Patriots t-shirt cost?  Well, to my surprise, they are much more expensive than I originally thought, $27.95 EACH!  Of course, that wasn't an option for me so I settled on finding two plain blue t-shirts on clearance for $1 each.  I knew we had fabric paint at home, so figured I could try to make a shirt that they could wear to the game and hopefully the Superbowl.  Afterall, this was last week....

Once I sat down to write "GO PATS" (simple enough) across their shirts, they informed me that they were looking for specific styles...I did the best I could and they were happy.  They spent their day getting ready for the big playoff game...and we had some games of our own to play!
We had a great day, some fun snacks and settled into watch the game.  It was really fun and the girls stayed to watch...until the 2nd half...they went to bed dreaming of the Superbowl and all our festivities planned for February 3rd. 
Well, we all know now that the 49ers will face the Ravens on February 3rd and we were among many New England fans that were very shocked and disappointed!  But one thing is for sure....
you can probably score a Patriots' t-shirt for less than $27.95 now!

Who do you want to win on Superbowl Sunday?


  1. Love the shirts! I think it is great the girls got so excited for the game! I definitely wish there had been a different outcome. We will be rooting for the 49ers this year :-) But, really, it is all about the food for me ;-)

  2. Cute shirts! Much better than spending close to $30 per shirt, geez! Sports merchandise is so expensive. I've wanted a Cardinals jersey for the longest time, but can't bring myself to pay for it! If I ever do get one, I'll get the largest kids size they have because it'll be cheaper and probably still fit :)

    Honestly, I didn't even know the Superbowl was coming up so soon! I don't watch football so I'm out of the loop!

  3. Hi Lovely, thanks for following my blog. I followed your blog right away.
    Rena @

  4. gosh how cute my team is long gone by now so I will just join the party and socialize


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