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Monday, January 14, 2013

Retro Monday: The Baby Book

I'm baaackkkk!  I've missed these silly, fun posts!  
Over the holidays, I was thrilled when I re-discovered a collection of photos and albums that I had tucked away before me moved.  Before my Grandmother moved in with my parents, she gave me all of her old photo albums, I was so grateful for the gift but never realized just how special these would become to me.  One of the albums was my father's Baby Album.  It most certainly has seen better days but the pictures remain intact, the way my Grandmother created her album so long ago.  The pictures reflect the time so well and I get lost looking through the album.  A few in particular make me laugh...

The next time my girls complain that the sprinkler isn't a sufficient way to cool off in the Summer, I'll show them this....when apparently  an old bucket or pot was the perfect way for my Dad (who is sporting a lovely little feminine sun-suit) to spend the warmer weather....
This contraption of a stroller makes me realize just how lucky the Moms of our decade are....this looks not only uncomfortable but very cumbersome!
Apparently we weren't as concerned about baby safety back in the day...and yet, we are here!  My Babci thought this would be a great photo opt....but Dad didn't seem so convinced!  
Finally, my favorite pic of Mom and Baby!  I love the fact that my Grandmother held her baby on those steps and years later, when I was a child, I would sit on those same steps with her.  I spent so many lazy Summer days sitting with her on those steps, talking and laughing.    
I miss my Grandmother and am so blessed to have her collection of albums that I will always cherish and eventually pass along to my girls.  

Happy Retro Monday Friends!


  1. I love to look at my Nana's old pictures. It is amazing what memories they hold! In this digital age, I think we take so many pictures, but rarely take the time to have all the special ones printed out. That is one of my goals this year, go through my insane album folders ;-)

    1. I did so well for a while and then the digital pics became overwhelming. I need to make it a priority as well!

  2. I love these old photos! Ever since I was young, when I visit my grandma I pull out her old photo albums and look through them. It seems like I'm transported back in time!

    1. I agree - they are such special treasures! I feel lucky to have them!

  3. Stopping by from Friendly Friday & Following you. Nice to meet you. Hope you can stop by too & do the same. Have a great weekend.


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